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"You’ve never seen a museum like the Office of Collecting and Design (in Las Vegas or anywhere else)"

"A cinematic sensibility permeates the whole endeavor, not just the theatricality of the museum's interior design, but in the sense of drama and mystery contained within these seemingly random objects, collected according to some ineffable taxonomy.”

“There’s a palpable sense of history here, an intangible yet ever-present sensation of the strangely familiar, conjured by thousands of things with thousands of stories."

“The OCD is a lot of things: a clubhouse, a place to unplug, a gallery, a nostalgia generator, a reading room, a prop house, and a studio. Basically, imagine an antique shop where you can play — and where touching the merchandise is highly encouraged."

Jessica Oreck of the Office of Collecting & Design On Her Enormous Museum of Miniatures

One of the Biggest Miniature Museums is in Las Vegas

Jewel Box: Inside The Office of Collecting and Design


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