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Located in the heart of Las Vegas, the Office of Collecting and Design is part exhibition, part archive, and part studio space for the artist and filmmaker Jessica Oreck.

A collection of collections, it is devoted to the diminutive, the discarded, the misplaced, the broken, the obsolete.

Included are objects both rare and common, precious and forgotten. Taken together, they illuminate the nature of value and meaning. Visitors have described the collections as “wondrous,” “magical,” “charming,” and “full of unexpected life.”

Functioning in part as a prop library for Jessica’s work, the collections are also a treasury of silent objects given eloquence, lonely figures given clusters of friends, and lost items given new purpose.


"You’ve never seen a museum like the Office of Collecting and Design (in Las Vegas or anywhere else)"

- Geoff Carter, Las Vegas Weekly

"A cinematic sensibility permeates the whole endeavor, not just the theatricality of the museum's interior design, but in the sense of drama and mystery contained within these seemingly random objects, collected according to some ineffable taxonomy."

- Scott Macaulay, Filmmaker Magazine

“There’s a palpable sense of history here, an intangible yet ever-present sensation of the strangely familiar, conjured by thousands of things with thousands of stories."

- Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review Journal

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