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Have a collection that's getting too much for you? Or maybe a collection that's too small for you? Or even a one-off item that you think would fit well at the Office of Collecting and Design?

We are currently accepting donations!

Please include a note with your name, address, (Instagram or TikTok handle if you have one), plus any information you can provide about the pieces you are sending.

Office of Collecting and Design
PO Box 43343
Las Vegas, NV 89116

Please note that we no longer accept match books (we do accept vintage match boxes though!), Christmas related items, recognizable characters (ie Disney, Marvel, Trolls, etc.). And we *try* to keep our collections vintage (before 1990).  We also do not accept personal artwork of any kind.

Disclaimer: By accepting your donation, the Office of Collecting and Design is not obligated to keep, display, or photograph your item(s).
The Office of Collecting and Design is also not responsible for loss or damage of the item(s) under any circumstances.

The museum  is not a for-profit business. 

We are always grateful for monetary donations.

Please consider supporting us with a membership on  Ko-Fi.

Or a one-time donation through paypal.

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